No, your client uses their mobile or web app for free and you do not pay any additional costs for this.

Yes, you can update the details you provided earlier. Once you have logged into your profile, select "My profile" and then "Edit profile". You will then be able to modify your details as you wish.

We use the nutritional tables of products of the USDA - the US Department of Agriculture (version r-28) and a dictionary of proprietary ingredients prepared by the TiqDiet team.

Yes, once you have logged into your account, you will find a short tutorial video in the top right hand corner of the screen which will show you in 3 minutes how to use TiqDiet to its full potential. However, if you still have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department and arrange a webinar for a few minutes, during which one of our consultants will explain to you how to use TiqDiet.

We recommend the Chrome browser as it works best with TiqDiet.

Sure, you can do this in the PDF generation settings

Yes, the mobile app for a dietician was created primarily for quick communication with clients. You can see the full list of your clients, but apart from sending messages to them, you cannot make any other changes to their profiles. To modify your clients' accounts you need to log in via a browser (preferably Chrome) on any mobile device, tablet or computer.

All your client has to do is download the app, TiqDiet - client app, to his phone (Android - Play Store, iOS - AppleStore). Remember that when first logging in, he must enter the email address that is assigned to him in your profile, and then enter the activation code that you can send to him immediately when registering a new client.

You agree to have it sub-trusted for processing in our program by entering and confirming your customer's information. Without this, we would not perform essential program functions where interaction with your client is necessary. The scope and principles of processing your personal data and your clients' data are described in the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Both documents can be found in your profile settings panel.

Yes, once you have logged into your account, you will find a short tutorial video in the top right hand corner of the screen which will show you in 3 minutes how to use TiqDiet to its full potential. However, if you still have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department and arrange a webinar for a few minutes, during which one of our consultants will explain to you how to use TiqDiet.

The base value for carbohydrates is total carbohydrates in the food product database. This is also the value you enter when registering your own product. For your information, we will calculate the value of digestible carbohydrates according to the formula from the food nutrition norm.

As the TiqDiet team, we believe that only after you have thoroughly experienced our programme will you be able to make the decision to stay with us for longer. This is why the trial period is functionally the same as the program after subscribing to it, except for one thing - in the trial version a watermark appears on the printed diet plans.

Yes, the watermark is not presented in the commercial version of the program. Only in the student version, you will still see the watermark. The student version is not intended for commercial use.

You can change the language through the settings in your profile.

Yes, all you need to do is send a plan of Recommendations of specific measurements. Once they are entered, you will see them in the Measurements tab from the mobile app

No, your account is completely private and no one can see the diets, dishes or products you have created.

Just enter your profile, then click 'Edit Customer Profile' at the bottom of the window, and later, under the save button, just select 'Delete Customer Profile'. The customer will be removed from the database after confirmation.

Contact us via chat in such case and we will delete your account

The invoice will be available to generate in the payment panel as soon as the payment is received.

You can find the current proposals for the extension in the payment panel. Besides, notifications will appear in the program informing you about this fact. - Please, contact us in the chat and we will explain all the details to you if something is unclear.

Of course, you can do this from the diet wizard in the planning tab

Sure, you can turn off notifications from the mobile app, in your phone's settings.

You can create a diet plan template, save it to a your user database, then assign the already finished template to a specific customer.

Yes, you can add your photo by editing your details in your profile.

You can monitor your client's progress on their profile, where the percentage of adherence to your recommendations and diet is indicated.

To add a dish to a template, simply click on a specific meal tile, then find the dish in the search box on the right. You can add it to the template by clicking on it.

Of course, you can copy an entire day's of meals to use elsewhere on the same diet plan. Just click on the top right corner of the assumptions tile, then click the copy icon and paste the saved values into the relevant day.

You cannot edit only items that are in the TiqDiet database. However if you want to make changes to a dish that is already in the TiqDiet database it is sufficient to create a duplicate by clicking on the 'Copy' icon. You will then be able to freely change the products, dishes and entire diets that you find in our database.

The most common cause of an error when adding a client to your database is entering an email address that has already been assigned to another client. Remember that client emails must not be repeated. Email addresses are a unique login to the client's mobile application.

You can select 3 additional macronutrients to appear in your diet when creating a menu in TiqDiet, in addition to the basic macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). You can select additional nutrients in the first step of creating a new menu.

In the selected template, on the assumptions tile, click on the green text MORE. A table with all ingredients and their values will appear.

If you want to delete a template from your database, just click on the gear wheel icon and select 'delete'. The diet plan will be deleted. Please note that you will not be able to restore it.

If you want to delete the diet assigned to a client, simply go to the 'Options' in the client's profile under the 'Diet' tab and click 'Remove'. The diet will be deleted and you will not be able to restore it.

You can increase the font in the diet plan exported to PDF. In the settings of the generated PDF choose the option 'Set bigger font size'

This feature (Undo) is not available yet. Any suggestions or new features mentioned by users when contacting Customer Support are meticulously noted and then reviewed during monthly TiqDiet team meetings. New features are added as per the demand of most users of the software.

The client interview has been created so that you can complete it with your client during their first visit to your practice. You can simply copy all the questions, save them in a DOC. file and then send them to your client. Remember, however, that you will still need to transfer their answers to their profile in the program.

Unfortunately it is not possible to work on the program in offline mode now. We plan to introduce such possibility in the future.

No, at the moment the programme does not offer this possibility, but as the programme develops and expands, we will develop this function as well.

Unfortunately - no, the software does not have a function to add photos of your dishes

The most common reason for not having a diet in the client application is a mistake in setting the dates of the diet. You set the dates of the diet in the second step of its creation. However, if the dates are correct and your client still does not have access to the diet plans in their app, please contact our Customer Service via the chat built into your profile.

Check that the e-mail address you are entering is the one you entered during registration. If you have changed your email address later in settings, enter the new one, modified email address. Note that the e-mail address use as account name is case-sensitive. The email address should preferably be lowercase.

Check for an excess space before or after the email address.

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