Discover how TiqDiet helps you improve your work

Discover how TiqDiet helps you improve your work


Reduce time spent on menus

With TiqDiet, making diets will take on a new dimension. Create endless templates, send them via the app to your clients and forget about printing out piles of papers!

The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface will allow you to easily navigate through the menu creator. A wide base of products and dishes will allow you to quickly create tasty and healthy menus that your customers will love! In addition, the automatically generated shopping list will greatly improve your customer's daily life.

Provide a holistic service to your clients

A perfect improvement to your daily work that TiqDiet brings to you is the management of your clients. Create a client profile and then give it a profile type, this will allow you to expose the data that is key in working with your client. Conduct a detailed interview, track the client's progress, send menus and recommendations.

Plan the next visit using the built-in chat, so you can communicate with the client all the time. Before the follow-up visit, you can easily prepare by visiting the patient's profile, where you will find the most important information about the client.

Track progress and schedule follow-up visits

An app dedicated to your clients is the key that guarantees you and your clients greater satisfaction from the collaboration. In the app, your client has access to the diet, recommendations, and shopping list they received from you.

Send tips and we'll make sure to remind your client about physical activity or checking their glucose levels. Additionally, your client can feel much more secure knowing that they can contact you via chat whenever they need to.

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