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TiqDiet makes it easy for the health specialists to create personalized diet plans and follow your clients' results. Start your 14-day free nutrition program now and find out that composing your diet has never been easier.

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Motivate your client every day

Perform nutritional analysis, create meal recipes, send personalized diet plans and special recommendations to your client's free TiqDiet mobile app. Schedule follow-up appointment. Thanks to the built-in communicator, you can be in constant contact with your client, motivate and support them whenever they need it.


Focus on personalized diets

Thanks to the intuitive wizard, it is easier than ever to compose your dishes and develop a personalized diet plans. Create menu templates that you can later modify to suit the individual needs of each client.

Monitoruj diete

Monitor client’s progress

Thanks to the free Tiqdiet mobile app, follow the progress during the diet. Check hydration levels and other vital signs. With the Apple Watch app, reporting your daily progress has never been easier. Build a digital bond with your client.

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Improve your nutrition business

Interview with the client supported by TiqDiet will allow you to quickly use the base of diet plans and dishes to prepare the most tailored diet. A clear client summary will allow you to quickly assess the progress of the recommended diet. Comprehensive information on the entire history of cooperation allows you to quickly and effectively prepare for meetings and plan the next stages.

Unleash Your Diet!

How it's working
client app

Free mobile app for your clients


Diet plan always under the thumb

Send the ready-made diet together with all your recommendations to the client’s phone, where they will have constant access to them


Support the change of eating habits

Automatic notifications will remind you to follow the diet. Built-in chat helps you support and motivate your customers when they need it.


Shopping list

Along with the diet prepared by you, the customer receives an automatically generated shopping list on the phone for the entire period of the diet.


Diet in Apple Watch

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the diet is available on the Apple Watch! Be innovative, stand out and gain a new customer segment.

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TiqDiet's web version for clients is now available

Your client can use all the functions of the application on his computer or tablet through a traditional web browser. There is no longer any need to install additional applications on the phone.

The application on the computer has the same functionalities as the mobile app. And of course it’s free too!

Our customers...
TiqDiet users

TiqDiet is a very simple and transparent work tool. After all, I have all the necessary information about my clients in one place. The diet is easy, quick and pleasant. I really like the check-out observation feature. You can see exactly who needs more motivation.


The first TiqDiet tests were very successful. The software is eye-catching, easy to use, and has all the features you need to get the job done. Adding new customers, interviewing and arranging diets is quick and intuitive. Keeping track of how clients fulfill the plan gives a lot of interesting conclusions.


Dieticians and Franchisees of the My Dietician network use the TD program. A rich database of products and recipes supports our team in preparing diet plans. The application facilitates communication with customers who always have their menu with them. We know how important effective tools are in the daily work of a dietitian, which is why we offer the application to our Franchise partners for free.


The program has many advantages - it is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, has a wide database and is constantly evolving. A great solution is the ability to contact the client through an application running on the phone. I can recommend TiqDiet with a clear conscience to all dietitians as a program for structured diets and diet plans.

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